Anti-Venue Tour 2016

As the creators of the Anti-Venue Tour, we believe that when it comes to the world of artistic expression and performance, physical limitations shouldn’t define it. We are also firm believers that the genre of your art, color of your skin, age, and any other kind of restrictive societal label shouldn’t dictate who can and can’t express themselves in a positive light. Newer artists aren’t always given the chance to perform at larger, well-established venues, regardless of their level of artistry and passion for their craft. The Anti-Venue Tour is a unique sensory experience that challenges these limitations/labels in order to provide a platform for creative individuals who aren’t necessarily granted access to one.

This tour is designed to be anything but traditional. The AVT experience seeks to unite artistic talents and community members in unconventional spaces. Whether it’s a warehouse, art gallery, retail environment or residential hotspot, the unorthodox approach to hosting live performances city to city heightens the degree of spontaneity and sparks a creative energy that cannot be replicated.

Our purpose? We are here to break the mold. We are here to encourage collaboration between live performers, musicians, visual artists, poets, and forward-looking community members regardless of geographical, physical, spiritual and cultural differences. In essence, we want our attendees to view art and culture through a scope that they may not have otherwise been viewed.

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With five Anti-Venue showcases in 2015 under our belts, the tour has already garnered a tremendous amount of support from community members in the Buffalo, Rochester and New York City areas. The feedback has fueled the desire to expand our outreach.

Aside from providing an entertaining experience, we plan to give back along the way. Community, and the notion of effecting change within communities across the country is important to us. In addition to collaborating with local artists from each city we visit, we plan to partner with a major charity organization in each location. With the help of The 2090s, one of Buffalo’s latest vintage pop-up shops and fashion tastemaking teams, we also plan to donate clothing items to locals in need at every stop.

To be truthful, we view this as less of a touring event and more of a creative movement. We want to take this movement en route to ten major cities in 2016 and we need your help. By donating to the movement, you’ll be contributing directly to the cost of transportation, venue rental, and artist and crew accommodation.

We want to be as transparent as possible. Our team wants you to know exactly where your generous donations are going and where they’re taking us. Follow updates from Haute La Vie to see where we’re at, how far we need to get and what cities we plan to roll through next.

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